2023 Disappearance/Reappearance

2023 Reflections / A Whispering and Three Trembling Shadows

2022-2023 Mimicry II

2022 Som en Tunn Linje Mellan Dig och Mig

2021 – 2023 En Viskning och Tre Darrande Skuggor

2021 Mimicry

2020 The Visitors

2020 Where words are impossible

2019 Longing to a Slightly Unreal Mood

2017 Det Ondas Blommor(To Lie, To Love, To Die) / Evil Flowers(To Lie, To Love, To Die)

2014 – 2015 I thought you were a star but it turned out you were a fire, burning like a hole in the night

2013 Inget finns överallt / Nothingness is everywhere

2013 Black or white does not exist ; there is only a thousand different shades of grey / Poetic Uprising

2012 If you don’t know where you are then you are in the middle

2012 In a state of aphasia(Kulturhaus)

2011 Istället talade vi om sprickor i väggen och vindrörelse / Instead we talked about the cracks in the walls and the movement of the wind

2011 Förord / Forword

2011 Et le parc comme tout le reste était désert / And the gardens as anything else were deserted

2010-2011 The common feeling of our imperfection

2009 The Purer the glass the less you see it. The Beginning and The End

2009 Horror Vacui

2008 Lysande Utsikter/Brightning Prospects

2007 Förgaves återvänder vi till platser vi älskat/ In vain we return to places we’ve loved / 2006 Preserved