2021 Mimicry

Is a painting an imitation of true reality or a mirror of it?

Installation view at Vargåkra Gård konsthall

Hela texten på svenska finns här: https://magalicunico.com/news/mimicry-vargakra-gard-konsthall-2021/

The title of the show Mimicry is taken from the Greek adjective mimētikos which means imitating. In the shadow of the ongoing environmental crisis, there seems to be two opposite approaches in science. There are those who are searching for answers in the yet undiscovered living organisms before they will go extinct. Other scientists are developing methods to create artificial life by modifying the cells of living organisms.

Installation view with Apart and Mimikry

Apart. Diptic. Paper, salt, grass, glue, tempera and oil on linen. 107 x 125 cm and 90 x 125 cm

Installation views

Som en tunn linje mellan dig och mig; Triptic. Paper, salt, Barley flour, tempera and oil on linen. 110 x 50 cm , 110 x 63 cm and 110 x 63 cm.

Installation views

Yn = An; oil on acrylic glas, chalk and blackboard paint on plywood. The frame is made in pinewood and painted with a black varnish color. 60 x 40 x 5 cm

Algoritm; oil on acrylic glass, chalk and blackboard paint. Painted handmade wooden frame. 35 x 36,5 x 5 cm

Laboratory; sand, salt, glue, tempera and oil on linen, 90 x 86 cm

Laboratory II; paper, glue, salt, tempera and oil on linen, 120 x 59 cm

Altered Phoenix; sand,  glue, paper, tempera, oil and sour milk on linen, 130 x 92 cm