2009 Horror Vacui

Die Puppen.installationsbildInstallation view; Die Puppen(Black Mirror), oil on acrylic glass, wooden frame, ropes, 168 x 125 cm, 2009

Die Puppen från sidan

baksidan Puppen

Installation views. The painting hangs from the ceiling in front of a black curtain. The backside of the painting is grounded with black paint so it looks like a mirror.

Die Puppen utsnittDie Puppen, detail


Pappersstaden/The city of paper,oil on linen, 2009


Upplösning/Dissolvation(Black Mirror), oil on acrylic glass, wooden frame,  168 x 125 cm, 2009


Interlude, oil on board, 122 x 86 x 20 cm, 2009

detalj. prelude

Prelude, detail

installationsbild prelude

diabild prelude


Prelude, installation views. Sculpture, lamp, slide projection, 2009

Prelude inst.bild

Painted plywood with tempera, acrylic glass, hinges, 100 x 80 x 50 cm x 2, 2009