2020 Where words are impossible

Fragment of grey, Installation view, Krognoshuset. Paper, salt, glue, texts, graphite powder and oil on plywood. 153 x 124 x 6 cm and 150 x 124 x 6 cm

The title of the show Where words are impossible is taken from a quote by contemporary philosopher Timothy Morton, who believes that the time has come for a new way of thinking. We must re-evaluate ourselves in relation to nature and understand that we are part of it – art is a way to this insight.

Several works in the exhibition are connected to the site’s history and the former garden that disappeared due to the city’s major renovations. Some of the works include fragments of texts as a reflection of the complexity of our time, taken from the stories of the people whose existence has been overturned as a result of ecological and political crises.

Mosaik, mixed media and oil on linen, 140 x 65 cmEkon, mixed media and oil on linen, 140 x 96 cm Fragment of Grey, installation view, Krognoshuset. Photo; Erik HagmanFragment of Grey, detail.

No Victory, mixed media on linen and oil on acrylic glass, painted wooden frame, 75 x 49 x 9,5 c

Skuggornas tysta ord, oil on acrylic glass, painted wooden frame, 62,5 x 85,5 x3 cmLost Garden, oil on glass, and oil on linen, painted wooden frame, 26 x 23,5 x 5 cm Dilemmat, installation view, Krognoshuset, 2020Dilemmat, mixed media and oil on linnen, oil on acrylic glass, painted wooden frame, 124 x 84 x 11 cm. Photo; Erik HagmanThe structures will collapse; Site specific installation in the basement. Oil on glass, overhead projector,  paper, glue, pigment and tempera on board.  Photo; Erik Hagman

Installation views and detail