2015 I thought you were a star but it turned out you were a fire burning like a hole in the night

In my latest project I have been interested to discuss issues related to the looting of art during World War II, which consequences extend until today.

In an attempt at connecting our cultural heritage to identity aspects, I have tried to relate to these events by stepping out of my own position as an artist-consider it from the outside by drawing parallels to my own art practice.

In Item 27(Transposing), the soldier in the middle holds up an unknown painting. This is another version of one my paintings (Item 33(Erosion)) that is missing. Perhaps it has been stolen, destroyed or exchanged? The soldier is flanked by two other soldiers who have seized a well-known painting by Picasso and a painting by Boucher, two of Art History’s iconic men.



Item 27(Transposing), acrylic, tempera and oil on linen, 140 x 106, 2013

2.Installationsbild med Transposing

Insallation view, 2015

3.Installationsbild med Raphael

Installation view, 2015

item 28(Lost & Found)

Item 28(Athena), oil, sourmilk and pigment on board, 29 cm diameter, 2013

Item 33(Erosion)

Item 33(Erosion) , tempera and oil on linnen, 83 x 56 cm, 2013-2014

Installation view, Skånes Konstförening

Installation view, Skånes Konstförening, 2015


Item 16 (Purifyning II), oil on a window, carpentry paint,  40 x 30 cm, 2015

Inst.bild Grey Shades

Installation view, Item 22(Grey Shades), 2015